As part of our AA UNION services here at United Facilities, Inc., we manage and operate fully-customized and highly-streamlined warehouses designed to boost our client’s bottom line. We provide a high level of operational expertise in order to maintain consistent and efficient production. Whether our clients use our team or their own, our in-house experts provide daily assistance to help increase fill rates, manage inventory, and minimize waste of time and product.

Packaging Services

Our AA UNION company utilizes LEAN production in a customized manner to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether we work in your locations or ours, co-locating your packaging or assembly needs with your storage saves money and time by eliminating a step in the supply chain. As a nationally-recognized third-party logistics company, we have a proven record of adding value to our clients as well as a reputation based on our ability to save them time and money.

specialized packaging services include, but are not limited to:
Packaging & Shrink-Wrapping
Custom Grocery Displays
Product Assembly
Repackaging & Reconditioning
Custom Pick and Pack
Special Labeling and/or pricing
Quality Control Inspections
RF & Barcoding
Performance Measurement
Purchasing & Customer Service Administration
Quality Control Inspections
Product testing
Pallet displays and other retail displays, store ready pallets

Welcome to join us a partner to make the world better.

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