AA UNION MASK Mission Statement

To provide our clients with quality transportation and related ancillary services to conduct their business and do it at a reasonable price within the required timeframe.

Air and International Mail Transportation

This category management center includes domestic air and international transportation services associated with the movement of mail.

For more information contact: info@aaunionmask.tech

Seafreight Surface Mail Transportation

This category management center includes the internation transportation and portion of the domestic ground transportation services associated with the movement of mail. Services included in this category include Postal freight transportation, rail, nonmail cargo, inter-BMC trucking transportation, and trailer services.The Surface Transportation category management center’s mission is to establish surface transportation and related services to satisfy masks clients commitments for high quality and economical universal service to postal customers and clients with celerity, certainty, and security.

For more information contact: info@aaunionmask.tech

Value Added Logistics Services

In order meet the ever-changing demands in supply chain management, our third-party logistics company has implemented several vital improvements in the way we do business with current customers. CI, or Continuous Improvement is, by definition, an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. These efforts can take the form of incremental improvements over time, or breakthrough improvements which have an effect immediately.

The process has not been a short one. United Facilities, Inc. is over 50 years old and has seen tremendous change during that time. AA Union has always been capable of identifying issues and making positive changes. The CI mindset has allowed the company to be more focused on solving long-term issues than ever before.

The principles of AA UNION MASK are:


Our third-party logistics company uses these principles to efficiently increase customers’ profits as well as to achieve the company’s own corporate goals and objectives. The implementation of CI in all of our facilities has helped change the culture and thinking processes, even in the minds of the hourly employees. The attitudes of all employees, from the bottom to the top, have changed dramatically and had a monumental impact on the efficiency of operations.

Welcome to join us a partner to make the world better.

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