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With over 21years of experience and numerous successful enterprises, we have become a  chosen supplier of many institutions around the world, like the United Nations, the Spanish, German, Panama ,Austrian, and Romanian governments. We regularly supply medical equipment to over 3500  hospitals, clinics and Red Cross worldwide. That wouldn’t be possible without our Easy Order policy.

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Payment options will be discussed  with our sales representatives. We  offer several payment options to  eliminate risk for the client.

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In healthcare time is of the essence,  especially now during the COVID-19  pandemic.We reliably deliver orders  in the shortest possible timeframe, as  our loyal clients can attest.

Through Our Products

Apart from easy ordering,  products must be of the highest quality. Our policy isn’t to fulfil large one-time orders  and then lose the confidence of our buyers. We  form long-term relationships that are  based on mutual respect and satisfaction. Our commitment to product quality and  customer care is second to none.

That is why with AA UNION MASK, what you order is exactly what you get –  and more. Feel free to browse through our healthcare and PPE product selection and  choose the best fit for you today!

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