Because Health is the real Wealth.

A sidekick to our healthcare heroes, our  clinical users.

On a personal note, may I add along with  everyone else at AA UNION MASK that I am working hard to  manage all the complications involved with this  crisis. We will be with you every step of the way.  Like most of you, I also have a family to worry  about. I am a passionate VHG colleague, but  also a father and a husband.

At times like these, the worry list can be long  for all of us. There are no exceptions. However, I  am also convinced that we will win the COVID19  battle and implement a new foundation of care and health technologies the world is waiting for.

Thank you for looking into our company. We  look forward to serving you with our excellent  products and service. Please remember we  are not brokers. We are a top level clinical  and medical device company that manages everything from A to Z, from manufacturing to  logistics. This is precisely what separates us  from ‘the pack’.

With my best regards,




Since 1989,AA UNION has been in textile research & development to get the safe raw materials for developing the CE certified respirator. We were also involved in the trial and authentication of qualitative fit testing protocols for respirators.

Since then, we have developed numerous  proprietary technologies that have been  incorporated throughout our comprehensive  range of disposable respirators.

Workers need respirators that fit well, are comfortable and provide the best protection.  Employers want quality products from a  supplier they can trust. Our wide range of  respirators helps to deliver easier breathing  and comfortable protection against particles  and certain gases and vapours. All our  disposable respirators are compatible with  eyewear and hearing protection products  from AA UNION.

All AA UNION respirators meet the performance requirements of EU Standard EN149

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